Weed is really cool stuff. Just think: it can reduce anxiety, overcome panic, and reduce or dull pain. Although, of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the good mood that grass gives you. You have at least 20 ways to smoke sticky icky and a million more ways to eat weed. Have you seen all these chewing gums, candies, chocolates, and other edibles? But let’s get back to the best ways to smoke weed.

Bong is the best way to smoke weed

If you are a fan of big hits, a bong will provide you with a lot of smoke. Water is the main advantage of a bong, whatever its size or shape. Water works as a filter, minimizing the impact of resins and nicotine.

The bong is a classic, and you have to try it at least once. It has many varieties:

  • Shabong — there is no water or other additives, so you get a hit faster than with a bong.
  • Bongs from plastic bottles. This is not a method that you will use on the go, but since we are looking at different ways to smoke weed, this one also has a place.
  • A silicone bong will not fall over or break — that’s why people love it. You can carry it in a backpack or bag and take it with you on a picnic or the road. You can easily clean the silicone bong by hand and in the dishwasher. It is a natural wish to throw clogged glass bongs away when you have this device instead. A gravity bong is what you need if a traditional bong doesn’t suit you. Inhale big clouds of smoke when you make such a construction.

Your bong can be glass-shaped, round base, straight tube, or multiple chambers — there are so many options! It is because it is unrealistic to say something bad about a bong. It’s like your best friend who may not be perfect, but it will never fail. Bongs are made of metal, glass, plastic, silicon, and bamboo, so you have maximum chances to find a cool option for your needs.

Glass tube

When you first searched for how to smoke weed, you probably stopped at an apple pipe. But it is not very convenient. Therefore, a glass tube will save you from these inconveniences. The tubes come in a variety of colors, including even glow-in-the-dark ones if you like.


A joint is something that every weed smoker knows and loves. In fact, this is also the cheapest way. Combine it with such flower varieties as Peanut Butter Breath or Irish Cream, and you will get an unparalleled experience.

The joint was one of the earliest ways to consume marijuana. This is the MVP of marijuana, and it’s not going anywhere. You can use any strain you like, but we’re talking exclusively about always having marijuana inside. When you mix ganja with tobacco, it’s not a joint. You can’t call a spliff a joint as well, that’s wrong.

What is a joint?

Outwardly, it resembles an ordinary cigarette because the paper is also used here, but it is not an ordinary sheet that you tear out of a notebook to start talking. Smoking paper is a special thing made of wood pulp or rice. This paper is usually glossy and coated with wax to avoid rapid burning. The joint is filled with cannabis flower and rolled into a tube or cone.

To make things easier, you can use ready-made filters and even reusable glass mouthpieces, which save you unnecessary trouble.

How to smoke a joint correctly?

During inhalation, you risk getting a coughing fit. This happens if you take deep and fast puffs. Cannabis produces a lot of smoke, so the rules are: inhale slowly, pause after exhaling, and be careful.

Cannabis Blunt

Blunt is the cannabis equivalent of a cigar. They are bigger and longer than a joint, but you have to prepare them similarly. The difference is that instead of rolling paper, you use cigar wrap, and the blunt contains nicotine. Blunt is easy to twist, and it’s easy to share with friends.

It remains imperceptible in your hands because it is generally a tobacco product. That’s why it’s a normal way to consume cannabis but not the best, because, in addition to marijuana, it contains tobacco, so it’s not a very healthy form of consumption.


Can you say that this is the answer to the question of how to inhale weed? But this is not smoking in the classical sense! However, it is still the method of consumption, and it causes the least damage to the lungs because vaporization does not require a flame. But, at the same time, the cannabis is heated enough to give you maximum THC. This is the only option where you get 100% THC from your flowers.

Advantages of the vape:

  • Creates a real buzz;
  • Does not leave a smell on your hands and clothes;
  • Gives clean steam without resin impurities;
  • Does not distort sake and the feeling of smoking.

For the first time, vapes were created for avid smokers who were drowning in endless attempts to quit smoking. It turned out that a vape pen is no worse for consuming cannabis. When you go through the best ways to smoke weed in practice, it turns out that burning destroys a number of active ingredients. If you heat cannabis but don’t burn it, you get all these good things that make you get high and feel great.

The technical aspect of vaping

Look, this is pure science. Your lighter produces a high temperature of 3500℉, and the bud smokes at 450℉. Cannabinoids turn to gas as low as 284℉. That is, when smoking, most of the cannabinoids that you try to inhale disappear even before the first puff. You don’t get a lot of THC, CBD, or CBG, which are actually in the bud, but the high temperature destroys them.

Well, vapes are more expensive than the bongs you’re used to. But let’s be honest: are you willing to pay for an ounce of cool buds and mindlessly destroy the valuable components you’re chasing? If you are really interested in the process and even learning cool ways to smoke weed, then here is a cool option for you. This is an investment not only in the process but also in your health, so keep it in mind.

G-Pen is a cool type of vape

Vape-Pen combines the advantages of all methods. Credit should be given to vape pens when we talk about the best ways to smoke weed. What outstanding thing does it offer?

  • Healthy as a vaporizer;
  • Light as a blunt;
  • Compact, like a one-hitter.
  • It looks like you’re using one of those disposable cigarettes.

A soda can

And finally, you always have a soda can at hand. This trick is as old as the apple tube. But it’s damn easy: bend the can, make small holes in the upper part of the fold, punch a hole in the side — and get a device for smoking marijuana. Having coffee or sweet water left on the walls will even enhance the experience. You can say what you think about it.

Smoke Weed One Hitter

If you don’t have time for long preparations, then one hitter looks good. This experience cannot be compared with anything. Outwardly, it looks like a cigarette. Feelings? You get one solid hit, take the stress out of your lunch break, and get back to business.


A bowl is always a cool way to smoke sticky icky, any day of the week. You will get a good hit guaranteed, and you will definitely not go wrong.

The most effective ways to smoke marijuana

You already know a lot of ways to inhale marijuana, but now, you need to know how to smoke weed well. You want every inhalation to bring you as much excitement as you felt the first time, right? Here are some tips on how to get the most out of cannabis.

Tip 1

Tolerance is the main secret. Do not smoke more than necessary to control your tolerance. You can smoke weed in microdoses, and it will be more effective. It means that you take the smallest amount possible, wait a certain amount of time, and then increase the dose in small increments until you get the THC dose you need to get high. Low tolerance will bring you a high from even one hit.

Arrange smoke-free days for yourself, which also helps you achieve the desired effect faster. If you smoke every day, tolerance increases. You have to smoke more.

Tip 2

Smoke decent weed. Jet Fuel OG and White Runtz have more cannabinoids in their composition than, for example, Banana Punch Shake. It doesn’t mean Banana Punch Shake is worse; it’s just that if you’ve already started smoking pot and want to do it effectively, you need to know it. Premium buds make you spend more money, but you get what you pay for. The THC level of premium cannabis strains is much higher, so you smoke less. You don’t need a lot with this concentration of cannabinoids in your ganja.

Tip 3

Store marijuana properly. It is important. The flowers dry and burn quickly when kept in a hermetically sealed package. The smell, taste, and power of the flower are also lost. If you want to smoke effectively, store the herb in a special container.

Tip 4

Glass pipes are a great way to smoke weed for beginners since you do it without experience and only need to crush the bud before packing it into your pipe. It may be harsher on the throat than other methods, but it’s still one of the best ways.

Bottom Line

Look at how many really cool ways to smoke weed we have listed (we assume that these are far from all options, only the best ones). We purposely didn’t mention tinfoil, because tinfoil smoking is something you could practice in high school. But in our arsenal, there is no reason to set foil on fire to smoke weed. Even the children’s version with an apple tube seems better — after smoking, you can eat the apple itself. The bubbler can also be classified as one of those methods that can hardly be called effective. Nevertheless, this is a way not to carry around such bulky items as bongs or glass pipes.

There will be no ready-made solution here concerning which of the listed methods is the best way to smoke weed UK. It all depends on whether you want a nice buzz and kickback or dream of getting so high. Each option has its effect, and your vape experience will be different from a one-hitter, and a cannabis blunt will feel like 5 or 6 joints at once. Therefore, just be attentive to your feelings and wishes.

Do not smoke a lot and quickly so as not to forget your name. Take breaks — this is a necessary thing. Unlike nicotine, cannabinoids are metabolized after a few hours, so remember that smoking weed is very different from your experience of smoking regular cigarettes.

And one more thing: there are tinctures and edible analogs of the use of marijuana. If none of the listed methods suits you, there are others. You still have the opportunity to get so high as soon as you want.