The homeland of Cali Weed is not the sunny state of California but Vietnam. Veteran Dennis Peron is said to have imported 1 kg of Vietnamese cannabis from there upon his return to the US. In the so-called Emerald Triangle, a region in northern California, growers found ideal conditions from the start: rolling hills, fertile soil, plenty of sunshine, and no cops at all.

In the years that followed, California weed became more and more popular. Dennis Peron founded the Cannabis Buyers Club in San Francisco, the first public cannabis shop in the United States. Thus, the foundation was laid for Kali weed. Decades later, the state led the way in recreational legalisation in 2016, and California is known worldwide for high-quality weed.


Why is Cali weed so good

The exceptionally good growing conditions in California and the fact that local growers could safely experiment with their cannabis strains for several years gave locals the opportunity to get the most out of their plants. This time was used to develop high-quality cannabis strains from what were once Vietnamese seeds.

Cali weed effects

1)    Compared to common street weeds, the THC content stands out: these days, Cali varieties can contain up to 35 percent THC. The first flowers studied in the 1980s had a THC content of around four percent, so this progress is something to be proud of.

2)    The appearance of the flowers has also changed for the better: what used to look more like cat vomit when she ate a houseplant now shows off with really big buds.

3)    California weed is also known for its intense taste and smell: compared to European varieties, the aroma is often what you would imagine Sunshine State products to be: fruity, lemony, and sweet.

Why is Cali so expensive?

Importing original Cali Weed varieties is often very difficult and risky. They are transported to the UK by post or container. To make this transportation successful, manufacturers hire intermediaries. In addition to the purchase price of Cali, intermediaries must also be paid. The more people who participate, the higher the price of Cali Weed.


The most popular Cali strains

BCN Critical XXL is an Indica/Sativa strain that can be grown indoors and outdoors. BCN Critical XXL is a THC-dominant variety and was only available as a feminised seed. The variety has received many awards mainly for its very strong effect, which has satisfied countless growers. The buds often have a citrus aroma and lemon flavour, and yields are impressive and well above average. The plant blooms quickly and always gives a crop of excellent quality.

White Runtz is one of the most popular cannabis strains in California. This amazing strain was created through cross-breeding resulting in a hybrid with slight indica-dominant genetics. The plant has a light green colour, and some phenotypes can even produce reddish and purple colours. White Runtz is known for its smooth smoke and fantastically powerful effects. This balanced hybrid has fruity and tropical flavours of citrus and tart berries, complemented by a seductively sweet note of pineapple. With an above-average THC content of up to 29%, it is ideal for strong cannabis lovers.

MAC is a hybrid cannabis strain. With a THC level of 22%, MAC is one of the strongest cannabis strains. It features a mild orange flavour balanced with floral accents and a sweet earthy aftertaste. Breeders say MAC buds are beautiful and covered in resin. According to consumers, the MAC effect can be invigorating, relaxing, and delighting.

Peanut Butter Breath is an indica/sativa variety that is a THC-dominant variety and has never been available as a feminised seed. Peanut Butter Breath is best described as spicy and also slightly sweet. The inhalation mainly has a noticeable effect on the head: a slightly invigorating and relaxing effect.

Garlic Breath is an indica-dominated hybrid. As the name implies, one of the main features of the variety is a special spicy taste, which is often compared to garlic. The plant has a relaxing effect and can be used in the treatment of insomnia. Many consumers note that Garlic Breath has helped fight stress and depression.


How to get Cali weed in the UK?

True cannabis fans rate Cali Weed strains very highly. These plants are popular not only in the USA but also in many European countries, including, of course, the UK. However, finding the original varieties is not so easy. The price and popularity of Cali flowers ensure that scams are not uncommon. Fake cannabis does not smell particularly fruity, nor does its appearance suggest any special qualities.

Another common fake is Spain Cali. This is a bud grown from real Cali seeds, just not in California. In Spain, climatic conditions are relatively similar to those in California, and private breeders take advantage of this. While the genetics are the same, the aroma and flavour often don’t match the quality of the originals.

That is why UK residents should buy Cali Weed from a trusted store that offers quality cannabis strains. As a customer of such a store, you will be able to enjoy a large selection and pleasant prices.