THC Vape 1ml “Zkittlez”

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New Disposable 1ml Vape Pen with Zkittlez weed strain concentrate (more about Zkittlez strain )

Press on tips that can’t be reopened, no clogging or leaking.
High-end Ceramic Coil. Vape clouds.
Tiny size sits in the palm of your hands, yet power hits every time.


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How To Use:
Press the round button to start heating the liquid and inhale in short puffs as these are heavy hitters. You have a preheat option; press quickly three times to preheat any liquid for 8 seconds.

The “Zkittlez” disposable cartridge is a 1ml ceramic vape pen with a rechargeable battery. These premium ceramic cartridges will give you big bong-like hits every time. These vape pens are disposable yet rechargeable, so unlike other cheaper ones, you won’t be left with oil in the cartridge when the battery goes flat; there is no wastage.

They come with four air intake holes with diameters of 1.5mm, which provide a smooth draw as you pull, yet they are heavy hitters.

These all come individually packaged with their tubes, making them easy to carry and personalize if needed. They are made from stainless steel and pyrex glass tanks with the press on tips; once the ends are pressed on after filling, they cannot be re-opened, making them leakproof. They have an ergonomic feel to them yet are discreet in size in your hand. They also have a quality product weight and feel.

At just 4″ in length, they sit in the palm of your hand.

The battery capacity holds a large 400 mah, which means they will last for days without needing a constant recharge, unlike cheap disposable vape pens.


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  1. t1founder (verified owner)

    Very good, relaxing high! Definitely recommend this if you wanna chill out on a day off or a weekend.

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