Dear customer!
Our team wants to make your shopping experience is comfortable and straightforward.
We have gathered information about possible situations and what you need to do to solve them with the best outcome for you.


Our deliveries being carried out by 3rd party services hence the delivery timeframe is estimated as carefully as possible but unfortunately we cannot guarantee the delivery time and date after we pass our parcels to the 3rd party service.
Hence, the delivery time might increase especially during busy holiday and strikes time. Therefore, we suggest ordering in advance to avoid the disappointment. No replacement will be issued withing 7 calendar days during usual period and 10 calendar days during holiday/strikes to make sure that the parcel is genuinely lost and not running late.

If you suspect that an item is missing from the package please record the opening of the package clearly showing the label and the containment of the package. The complaints about the missing item won’t be accepted without video proof and such a policy is now widely used across many shops. We recommend doing it with every order to avoid such disappointment.
To avoid sharing your metadata (your phone’s personal information stored in the video), please send it only via Telegram messenger!

If you choose tracked delivery and your order has been stopped/lost; we will provide the replacement free of charge. But if the tracked delivery status is “delivered” and the customer claims it has not been received we trust the courier provider unless it could be proven otherwise. At that stage no refund/replacement would be issued.
If you choose to use untraceable delivery – no replacement will be provided.

No return policy
Due to privacy reasons, we cannot accept returns at this stage of the business.

No Refund
After the order has been paid in full and confirmed the refund won’t be issues unless due to replacement or faulty product. Please contact our support immediately if the product you have received does not satisfy the quality or is faulty. In the case of flowers, shake, kief – it should be unopened. Furthermore, if you suspect that the product is underweight – please send us the photos of unopened package on the scale along with the weight.

Sold out situation
It is possible that our product might be oversold due to manual system of count however we still work on this and trying to make it as automatic as possible. But if you are the unlucky one our managers will contact you and will offer an alternative from the available equivalent product range. Therefore we kindly ask you to leave an up-to-date email for us to contact you.

To feel safe with us
To provide maximum privacy we only require any UK shipping address with the posthole – no real name is needed. Even more we highly encourage using alias name along with an alternative email. Your order will be dispatched in a smell-proof professionally packaged, unmarked container/envelope/box as we always respect the confidentiality of our clients. Therefore, you can be confident that no one will ever know that you made an order from our website and we guarantee not to share data with a third parties. Discretion, accuracy, and your confidentiality are our top priorities.

If your situation is not described in any of the cases please get in touch with us and our support will do everything to find the right solution in the meantime But we also ask you to treat with understanding the rules of our store and to comply with the above points to avoid any dissapointment!